Leg 2 – Calgary to Regina

Our most eventful leg of the trip happened between Calgary and Regina, taking us more than 4,000 miles and included the biggest time span in travel days. We left Calgary mid August and made it to Regina on the 5th of September, leaving us about 3+ weeks to ourselves. We spent the bulk of our time in the Oregon coast area, checking out Oregon State and Corvallis, and the Boise area for Boise State and then spent a week backpacking/hiking around the Jackson Hole area and then driving up through Montana and Glacier National Park before finally parking in Regina.

The morning fog on an Oregon beach

The morning fog on an Oregon beach

After leaving Calgary we drove through the mountains and down to the Okanogan Lake area to take in the sights of beautiful vineyards and farm country. The scenery changed abruptly though when we came across the US/Canadian border to drive through the deserts of eastern Washington and Oregon. I had experienced this before but Lindsay thought that we were driving through Utah and Arizona not the Pacific Northwest. The next couple days took us to Oregon and Boise for some University exploring that we’ve already posted and then off towards Jackson Hole. Along the way we took a day and went whitewater rafting in Idaho and drove through the eerie Craters of the Moon National Monument.

Lindsay enjoying a delicous Canadian candy bar chunk

Lindsay enjoying a delicious Canadian Aero Bar chunk

When we finally finished showering and gorging ourselves in Jackson after the Cirque of the Towers we headed north though Yellowstone National Park on our way to Montana and eventually, Regina. The stop at Old Faithful on Labor Day weekend left a little bit to be desired but at least the people watching was top notch! We hung out a day in Bozeman, MT and Missoula, MT and got a chance to see two of the unique hippy/mountain cities in Montana. This part of the drive finished with an evening crossing of Glacier National Park, racing the setting sun on the mountain switchbacks and not stopping until we made it to Regina at 5am.

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