Oregon or Idaho?

As you may or may not know, one of the main reasons for taking this road trip in the specific direction and with the specific stops (and we'll have maps of our road trip on the "itinerary" page at some point -   someone had to go and break their computer so we can't edit screenshots) … Continue reading Oregon or Idaho?


2.5hrs Late – Right on time

Well if there is one common theme from when Lindsay and I travel - or do anything actually - no matter how hard we try we are always late! Ask Dustin Gray, he can write a thesis on how much our tardiness pisses him off. Well this pattern of non-punctuality didn’t stop when we left … Continue reading 2.5hrs Late – Right on time

July 31st – One Journey Ends and Another Other Begins

It seems only fitting to begin a blog that covers the journey from being an Infantry Officer to a Dirty Hippy, of one who travels the world on the day that the transition officially began. I say officially because the transition started in one shape or another at least 12 months prior to the 31st … Continue reading July 31st – One Journey Ends and Another Other Begins