The Value of Good Karma

One thing that we’ve learned in our short time traveling the world is that Karma is responsible for more good or bad events during a trip than weather, reservations and organized itineraries combined. Seriously, don’t underestimate the value of Karma while you’re traveling. While bouncing around the UK and Ireland we tried to be adamant … Continue reading The Value of Good Karma


Road Trip Leg 1 – Chugiak, AK to Calgary, AB

On August 2nd, 2013 the Jetta, freighted down to the maximum recommended amount, started turning it's wheels north from Chugiak to the Alaskan/Canadian border. We had 6 full days to cover the 2,500mi trek to Calgary so that Lindsay could meet up with her oldest sister Breanna and carpool to their middle sister Chelsea's bachelorette/stagette … Continue reading Road Trip Leg 1 – Chugiak, AK to Calgary, AB

Congrats Mr and Mrs Fidler!

Just wanted to say congratulation to Chelsea and Jakub, the new Mr. and Mrs. Fidler. There is a 98% chance that Lindsay is going to be crying during her speech and Clay is going to be a little more than tipsy and dancing with old Polish ladies. It's all in day's work... all in a … Continue reading Congrats Mr and Mrs Fidler!

Shitty photographers…

Look, this is more of an announcement than an actual blog posting and as we go forward with telling the story of our last couple weeks and attaching photos with them just be warned that we suck at taking pictures, if we even remember to take them. We realized right from the start when we … Continue reading Shitty photographers…

Regina Strongman

Around  July 1st, 2013, Lindsay's parents Graham and Cathy Dorn came up to visit us in Alaska before we moved away. Between family coming to visit, "quitting" both of our jobs and moving our house to Maine it quickly became apparent that we would not be working out or "training" with any consistency for the … Continue reading Regina Strongman