A Section Hiker is a Thru-Hiker’s Best Friend

A section hiker is anyone out hiking a section of the Appalachian Trail; be it one hour or one month or anywhere in between. The typical section hiker though, is out for a three to seven day span and looking to hike under 100 miles. What is so good about most section hikers you ask?

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Springtime on the Appalachian Trail

Clay and I had been discussing the AT for years before we actually started our hike. In the many conversations we had, not once did we talk about the changing seasons. But this made sense; in normal everyday life we’re busy people who are always headed somewhere with too little time. Sure the seasons are noticed, but we only see the big, really obvious changes that everyone outside of a shoebox notices.

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Damascus, VA: June 7th (467.3mi) to Pearisburg, VA: June 17th (630.3mi)

Longer days, warmer weather, pizza delivery and oh yeah, ponies! We haven’t been posting for the last couple days because we’ve been out in the woods taking care of our primary job – getting to Maine on the Appalachian Trail. Often to my chagrin, or blatant disgust, I am still carrying a small tablet while climbing hills. This has allowed us to write while walking, however, so we’ve post-dated several more posts for the next few days. Make sure to check back! Continue reading Damascus, VA: June 7th (467.3mi) to Pearisburg, VA: June 17th (630.3mi)

Technology on the Appalachian Trail

It is admittedly a bit oxymoronic to write a blog post lamenting the effects of technology on the Appalachian Trail while out on the trail I am writing this on our tablet sitting in the tent. Nonetheless, we have a blog so despite not having cell phones in our pack we are still somewhat leashed to the technological world while conducting our thru hike. With that being said, I wish I was hiking the trail 15 years ago, before cell phone reception and space age materials – to shed 0.6 ounces of pack weight – became a thru hiker’s obsession.

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The Black Bear Lodge

It’s pretty rare for us to dedicate a whole post to one place or experience on the trail, the Black Bear Lodge just outside of Hampton, TN happened to be one of those experiences. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe planned on coming in for the night to take a shower, drink a beer and sleep in a bed for the first time in two weeks and ended up getting hit by our first “town vortex” and staying for three whole days!

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