The Two Types of Hikers on the AT

Now that we have been out on the trail for over a month and logged 300+ miles we have come to learn that there are two types of A.T. hikers out there; those that sprint the trail to get to town and those that hurry in town to get out on the trail. Sure, those are polarising descriptions and very few people can be placed solely in one category or another. Rather, most people that are out here hiking shade to one side or the other; dealing with the hardships of the trail to enjoy the comforts of town or enjoying the challenges of the trail and avoiding the cost and craziness of too many town days.

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Lindsay’s Update – Back On The Trail

Thank you to everyone who helped while I was down with my dislocated tailbone. From the well wishes to rides, to a place to crash for a few days. THANK YOU! My tailbone is still sitting in the wrong position, but the swelling is down and it feels better every day. I can almost sit normally, and I’ve been walking without needing ibuprofen for a couple days.
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I-40, NC: May 19th (240mi) to Hot Springs, NC: May 22nd (273.9mi)

We’re back on the trail heading north again and now that Lindsay is feeling better, that might be the only thing we are certain about! Not only do we have Lindsay’s recovery to take day by day but we also added another member of the team to the mix and Hunter has his first 35 trail miles under his belt (or harness). Now that we have the dog we decided to leave the last 40 miles of the Smokey Mountains until October and continue north from the edge of the Smokies as a team of three.

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Trail Names – Nicknames for ‘Grown-ups’

What is a trail name? It’s the time-tested tradition of having a hiking nickname that you go by when hiking.

Why does someone have a trail name?  Well to be honest, it is a fun way of referring to a peer on the trail. There is no need of it besides good fun and camaraderie.

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Fontana Dam, NC: May 8th (165.8mi) to Clingman’s Dome, NC: May 11th (199.1mi)

We woke up early and practically ran down the last 2.5mi of hill into Fontana Dam for our nero day to binge eat a hiker meal for breakfast, rather than dinner like we had in the past. Breakfast is awesome, and the thought of an overstuffed omlette with a side of bacon is music to the ears of a hungry hiker. We hitched into town to learn that Fontana isn’t much of a hiker town, rather it caters to people with more money and smaller appetites, and we just couldn’t afford a $25 tiny breakfast burrito! So what did we do? Make our own on the front porch of the general store, of course!

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