The Two Types of Hikers on the AT

Now that we have been out on the trail for over a month and logged 300+ miles we have come to learn that there are two types of A.T. hikers out there; those that sprint the trail to get to town and those that hurry in town to get out on the trail. Sure, those are polarising descriptions and very few people can be placed solely in one category or another. Rather, most people that are out here hiking shade to one side or the other; dealing with the hardships of the trail to enjoy the comforts of town or enjoying the challenges of the trail and avoiding the cost and craziness of too many town days.


Lindsay and George, our new hiking buddy, eating breakfast in Hot Springs

We have met a variety of people out here, all shaded to me side of that line or the other, but likely none that straddle it. As for Lindsay and I? We’re a little bit on the hermit side of things, enjoying time with each other (and now Hunter) and the peaceful simplicity that comes with the daily task of walking to the next campsite. Being a bit older and admittedly old souls, we aren’t out here for the “getting shit-faced in town” experience. We could get that anywhere, we are out here to experience nature and a slower pace of life not a bar tab.


Hunter and Lindsay, hanging out on Max Patch

Well, that is until we’ve been out of town for two weeks and the bar has a porch the dog can hang out on…

3 thoughts on “The Two Types of Hikers on the AT

    • A version of that I think. We’re just out here to enjoy spending some time in the mountains and away from cars, towns and cell phones rather than running down the hill to get back to civilization!

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