Alaskan Bush Camping

“When you’re up to Alaska, let me know, and we’ll go camping,” my old Army buddy, Junior, wrote to me over Facebook Messenger. “Sure man, that would be awesome. Our truck can go pretty much anywhere a 4x4 jeep can go so we’ll follow you!” I replied “Oh, no, I’m talking about real camping. We’re … Continue reading Alaskan Bush Camping

The Dempster Highway

This is the only road in Canada that takes you across the Arctic Circle and into the land of the midnight sun. The Dempster leads you into a unique landscape, passing through territory that for millennia has only been changed by Mother Nature. Road construction took 20 years to get from Dawson to Inuvik, and … Continue reading The Dempster Highway

Northern Saskatchewan – Worth Every Kilometer

Looking at a map, no one typically sees any reason to venture further north in Saskatchewan than Saskatoon. Saskatchewan is your quintessential flyover province, mostly remembered by straight highways and headwinds. We’ve gone to Saskatchewan at least 15 times in the past ten years and have never ventured north of Saskatoon. This time we made … Continue reading Northern Saskatchewan – Worth Every Kilometer