Checking In After 1300 Miles

So as we’ve been blogging this summer the blog has become more popular with more people reading every week. The problem comes when we can’t get onto a good computer to upload any updates and our followers think we either fell off a cliff somewhere or beat up our feet on the Pennsylvania rocks so bad we quit and stopped walking. Well, neither of those are true we just haven’t been able to hit a town with an open library. We have a bunch of updates ready to go as soon as we can attach pictures to the posts. Lindsay says pictures make the posts worth reading… Not sure if that means I am a crappy writer or a good photographer! Either way, we’ll have a slew of real updates for the next few weeks coming soon.


Lindsay and Turtle rotting their brains in a Delaware Water Gap hotel.
Lindsay and Turtle rotting their brains in a Delaware Water Gap hotel.

800 Miles = Nutrition Breakdown

In one of our first post about trail nutrition we made a comment about coming back and touching on this all important topic as the hike progresses. For the first 700 miles nothing came up worth wring about but in the last two weeks it seems like almost every hiker we meet up with is starting to question their diet of Pop-Tarts and ramen noodles! It makes sense, the body is running out of fat reserves and trying to bump up mileage in the not-so-flat terrain of Virginia is starting to take its toll. So with that in mind, this is some of what we have been seeing and hearing the last couple days.

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Daleville, VA: June 24th (724.0mi) to Waynesboro, VA: July 2nd (857.2mi)

Coming off The Ultimate Trail Magic that you just read about we expected our walk to Waynesboro, Virginia to be filled with thunderstorms every day, trails made from sharpened rocks and a deer every mile to make Hunter run off chasing them. I almost feel like it is bad luck to share this, but our walk from Daleville, VA turned out to be just the opposite and one of our favorite and most memorable sections. Between more unbelievable trail magic, a visit to a brewery for a friend’s birthday and happy toes from a shoe change, we had a blast walking the second half of our leg to Waynesboro.

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The Ultimate Trail Magic

So there we were, sitting outdoors at a local BBQ joint with our friend Turtle in the Daleville, VA shopping commons, while enjoying a terrific pitcher of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale waiting for our chicken and pork to be delivered after a good 100 mile stretch between towns. Lindsay and I walked across the parking lot to check out the local gear outfitter and stopped to chat with three random locals for just ten minutes and incredibly they gave us $40 for our dinner! Riding a high of good food, good beer and good luck to pay our tab, we spied our trail friends “Sunshine” and “Fern Gully” waving from a passing car. Since neither of their packs are big enough to fit a small SUV, it seemed a bit odd and I jogged over to see what was going on. That is when it happened; lightening struck and all of the good karma that we have been building for a year was set back to zero by spending two days with Rob and Beth.

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Pearisburg, VA: June 17th (630.3mi) to Daleville, VA: June 24th (724.0mi)

Looking back, our 100 mile stretch from Pearisburg, Virginia to Daleville, Virginia seemed to be memorable for two reasons: the incredible views and natural wonders we witnessed, and the damage done to our bodies to experience Mother Nature’s beauty. Normally we don’t write about a six day section, but the sights along the way were definitely worthy of a short write-up and a few pictures!

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