Got The Plot Farm, Part 2

Part 2 of 2 recounting the highlights of our farming experience: The Compost Pile - We worked like mules and at the end of the day had a rotting pile of poop with a tarp on top! One of the rules of organic farming is that all compost has to come up over 56 degrees … Continue reading Got The Plot Farm, Part 2


Down and Dirty

No pictures, no frills no funny stories. We've been at Mike's Brewery these past 10 days where internet access is quite limited, but it ends tomorrow morning.  We're headed out to do a 5 day canoe trip down the Whanganui River (assuming you want to look it up) which is one of the "Great Walks" … Continue reading Down and Dirty

“Those White People Aren’t That Bad”

Trying not to sound preachy or elitist, we have come to find a way that we can verbalize our current and hopefully many future interactions with native/aboriginal people that we meet in any of our off the grid, non touristy travels. This came about during a lengthy layover at the less developed Fijian airport of … Continue reading “Those White People Aren’t That Bad”

Got The Plot Farm, Part 1

Days 1 through 13 Hello everyone! By the exorbitant number of exclamation points, different vocabulary, and extra 'u's in my spelling, you will likely notice that I (Lindsay) have started writing on the blog. Yep, I fully give Clayt credit for all of the funny and potentially much more entertaining posts. For those who are … Continue reading Got The Plot Farm, Part 1

Organic Farming in New Zealand

In the days to come we plan to post a short day by day of our working gig here at an organic farm on the north island and hopefully at our other random stops on the way. This first one will be a bit of a description as to where we are and what we're … Continue reading Organic Farming in New Zealand