2.5hrs Late – Right on time

Well if there is one common theme from when Lindsay and I travel – or do anything actually – no matter how hard we try we are always late! Ask Dustin Gray, he can write a thesis on how much our tardiness pisses him off. Well this pattern of non-punctuality didn’t stop when we left Alaska, no sir!

2013 Alaska Travels 643

Our normal set-up at a campground in British Columbia.

I don’t know if it is a product of lofty goals and unrealistic expectations or just the fact that we LOVE hitting the snooze button, but it is impossible for us to get on the road when we are supposed to. In the first 7 days of driving we got started on time just once. The other 6 days? Oh let’s just say that if the car is headed down the road by 11am it’s a good day. Seriously, it’s like a plague that we can’t get rid of. Neither Lindsay nor I are morning people. We’d much rather drive until midnight than get up at 7am to get on the road. Some days it was just damn ridiculous! By the time we get up, eat breakfast, pack up the tent and subsequently pack up the car it’s been at least an hour if not more since we actually dragged our sorry butt’s out of the tent. I’ve seen Afghan day laborers work quicker and more efficiently than we do some mornings, it really is that bad sometimes. Oh yeah, our goal was to be driving by 8:30am.

I sit here writing this post knowingly defeated. No matter how much I’d love to be like my parents when they travel; wake at sunrise, eat breakfast at 7am and start driving soon thereafter, I have to accept the fact that the only thing that is going to actually make us get out of our sleeping bags is the dog freaking out in the tent because he either has to pee or there is squirrel outside that needs to be taught a lesson, whatever that lesson may be.

I guess on the bright side we will have headlamps for the Appalachian Trail…

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