Alaskan Bush Camping

“When you’re up to Alaska, let me know, and we’ll go camping,” my old Army buddy, Junior, wrote to me over Facebook Messenger. “Sure man, that would be awesome. Our truck can go pretty much anywhere a 4x4 jeep can go so we’ll follow you!” I replied “Oh, no, I’m talking about real camping. We’re … Continue reading Alaskan Bush Camping

The Halfway Hangover

In the previous post, I had briefly mentioned something I wanted to write a little bit more about to share a more in-depth version of our Appalachian Trail experience. It seemed like after hitting Harper's Ferry, which is the traditional and iconic halfway point of the Appalachian Trail, both Lindsay and I became consistently more … Continue reading The Halfway Hangover

Hunter’s First 500 Miles

Our pup, Hunter, joined us after Lindsay healed up from her tailbone dislocation to finish off our 2014 Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike team; making us Hunter and The Fat Kids. Hunter is not your average pound dog and therefore not your average trail dog either. What they didn't tell us when we adopted him from the … Continue reading Hunter’s First 500 Miles