Leg 3 – Regina to Andover

Our final leg of the Journey should be properly referred to as the Suicide Run to New England. This put any Kenai fishing one-night run to shame. We left Regina the Monday after the wedding at about 1pm, only 7 hours later than we planned on leaving... not bad by our standards. We can honestly … Continue reading Leg 3 – Regina to Andover

Leg 2 – Calgary to Regina

Our most eventful leg of the trip happened between Calgary and Regina, taking us more than 4,000 miles and included the biggest time span in travel days. We left Calgary mid August and made it to Regina on the 5th of September, leaving us about 3+ weeks to ourselves. We spent the bulk of our … Continue reading Leg 2 – Calgary to Regina

Congrats Mr and Mrs Fidler!

Just wanted to say congratulation to Chelsea and Jakub, the new Mr. and Mrs. Fidler. There is a 98% chance that Lindsay is going to be crying during her speech and Clay is going to be a little more than tipsy and dancing with old Polish ladies. It's all in day's work... all in a … Continue reading Congrats Mr and Mrs Fidler!