The Dempster Highway

This is the only road in Canada that takes you across the Arctic Circle and into the land of the midnight sun. The Dempster leads you into a unique landscape, passing through territory that for millennia has only been changed by Mother Nature. Road construction took 20 years to get from Dawson to Inuvik, and … Continue reading The Dempster Highway

New Zealand Photo Journal

We separated our New Zealand experience into three different categories to make navigation a little easier. We look forward to any comments you have about our photos or travels! Click on any of the thumbnails below to go to a full gallery. WWOOFing and Working in New Zealand   North Island Adventuring South Island Adventuring

Mushu, our faithful steed

Our friends name their cars, movie and book characters name their cars. I have never named a car. It's silly and cheesy and.....well I just don't don't understand why people do it. ...until now. Everyone, meet Mushu! Mushu is our '95 Subaru Legacy and she is, in a word, unique. Sometimes she (or he, not … Continue reading Mushu, our faithful steed