Mushu, our faithful steed

Our friends name their cars, movie and book characters name their cars. I have never named a car. It’s silly and cheesy and…..well I just don’t don’t understand why people do it.

…until now. Everyone, meet Mushu! Mushu is our ’95 Subaru Legacy and she is, in a word, unique. Sometimes she (or he, not quite certain) starts when we turn the ignition, sometimes she needs just a minute with the key turned to think about things before starting, and sometimes she needs booster cable encouragement.


Mushu got her name on the way to the Whanganui River, officially named by Emilie. This was the first drive we took together (meaning myself, Clayt and Mushu) and before we got out of the Mike’s Brewery parking lot, she needed to be jump started… twice. On the 4-hour drive to the river we discussed our concerns about our ‘new’ car and it’s ability to start and drive us back to the canoe rental store in six days time. We then drove over some very sharp so-called-gravel roads and discussed what would happen if we punctured a tire knowing she did not come with a spare and her 4 tires are quite bald. We then discussed what would happen if someone broke into the car while it was sitting, parked for four days in one of the biggest car theft areas of the country. That’s when Emilie suggested the name Mushu, like the Mushu from the movie Mulan.

Now for those who have not seen said Disney Movie, Mushu is a dragon that follows Mulan to protect her when she runs away from home. Without telling the whole movie plot, Mushu doesn’t do this one job very well as he really wasn’t the right man for the job to begin with (similar to how we were feeling about this station wagon driving us around New Zealand). Against all odds and with a lot of blunders along the way, Mushu safely returns Mulan to her family.

We’re hoping that Mushu, against all odds, brings us home safely too! The again, we’re not so worried about the safe so much as the actually getting us home part.

Apparently when a car has a lot of character it gets named.

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