New Zealand Photo Journal

We separated our New Zealand experience into three different categories to make navigation a little easier. We look forward to any comments you have about our photos or travels! Click on any of the thumbnails below to go to a full gallery. WWOOFing and Working in New Zealand   North Island Adventuring South Island Adventuring


Delayed flights, Airport Sprinting and the Value of Good Karma

So right now I'm currently sitting in Florida only a few days before we start our AT hike and flying all day yesterday made me realize that I never posted our story of getting back to New Zealand after Breanna's Wedding. This is truly one of the most improbable airport experience I have ever heard … Continue reading Delayed flights, Airport Sprinting and the Value of Good Karma

The “Fabled” Tongariro Crossing & Mt Doom

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is the single most popular "day hike" in New Zealand, and for good reason. It is in an easily accessible location, the terrain is not intimidating and the well-worn path can be navigated by a novice hiker. Tongariro National Park is the 4th oldest National Park in the world and the … Continue reading The “Fabled” Tongariro Crossing & Mt Doom

Back on the road after Punga Cove

With our work experience officially over, we went back to the world of backpackers! If you're trying to follow our travel plans, they went something like this; Feb 1st - Leave Punga Cove, travel North Island Feb 8th - Fly from Auckland to Calgary for Breanna's (Lindsay's sister) wedding Feb 21st - Leave Canada and … Continue reading Back on the road after Punga Cove