We’re so old…

**Disclaimer: A lot of you reading this are about to tell us to shut up and/or go to hell…

4 days in a backpackers hostel with 19 year olds German kids will make you feel old… We are so old. New Zealand is filled with Europeans, mainly German, taking their “gap year” which is a year of holiday and world traveling between high school and university. That also translates to blowing your cash when you get to Auckland on going out partying…

So there we sat one night in our 12 person shared bunk room realizing that we are the old people in this crowd and this is what we came up with:

  • I’m basically the only guy with a beard because I am basically the only one old enough to grow one.
  • They cook ramen in the communal kitchen and buy cases of shit beer, we bought lamb and drank a single craft beer.
  • We’ve been “hooking up” longer than half the kids in our bunk room have been in puberty.
  • The start partying at midnight, we’re asleep by 1030.
  • They buy extra Internet and spend the days in the common room on their laptops, we actually left the hostel but don’t know how to use an iPad.
  • Priorities include buying a car and getting a local cell phone. I bought my first car around the time they bought their first bike and paying car insurance sucks!
  • But worst of all… I actually wanted to get a book and read last night.

Stupid kids…

Let us know what you think!

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