North Island Finale

Alright good people of the blog-o-sphere. We have been bad bloggers and we know it. I will fully admit I have the attention span of a concussed goldfish, and between that and the new "to-do list" of prepping for the Appalachian Trail we let the blog fall by the wayside. I'm going to make an … Continue reading North Island Finale


We’re so old…

**Disclaimer: A lot of you reading this are about to tell us to shut up and/or go to hell... 4 days in a backpackers hostel with 19 year olds German kids will make you feel old... We are so old. New Zealand is filled with Europeans, mainly German, taking their "gap year" which is a … Continue reading We’re so old…

Auckland, New Zealand. The first few days.

New Zealand! 18 months ago; a wild dream. A year ago; a distant possibility. Six months ago; a legitimate trip. Two days ago; a one way ticket from Los Angeles Airport. We made it across the world, across the equator and onto the volcanic rock the size of Colorado that we will call home for … Continue reading Auckland, New Zealand. The first few days.