Shitty photographers…

Look, this is more of an announcement than an actual blog posting and as we go forward with telling the story of our last couple weeks and attaching photos with them just be warned that we suck at taking pictures, if we even remember to take them. We realized right from the start when we made it all the way from Chugiak, AK to Whitehorse, YT and only took three pictures; two of which were of a stupid metal chicken stature in Chicken, Alaska. (Yes, I took the pictures. Yes, I know I’m retarded)

Chicken statue in Chicken, Alaska

Chicken statue in Chicken, Alaska

We’ve attempted to be better at taking pictures in quantity to document our experience but I assure you, we are not better at taking them in quality. We have a Nikon D5100 camera that is substantially better at taking a proper photo than the people pressing the buttons. Seriously, I manipulate the exposure settings with the precision of a chimpanzee slamming down on a piano’s keys and calling it Mozart.

Despite the shortcomings I am attempting to improve my skill. I’m reading a book called Understanding Exposure that Matt Schlesinger gave me several months ago and I’m at least starting to understand how an exposure is taken.

There is an ice field in there... somewhere...

There is an ice field in there… somewhere…

At this point I should apologize to Matt S, Christina H, Mike H, Beth M and any of our other photographer friends that might read this. I’m speaking blasphemy and conducting sacrilege on your art… sorry guys. I’m good at picking things up and putting them down not taking pictures; if you ever need a refrigerator moved I’m your man!

Let us know what you think!

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