Hunter and the Buffalo

Possibly the most traumatic event for the three of us on the drive thus far happened in Wyoming when we drove through a herd of wild buffalo. You see, after Hunter had his meeting with a Holstein calf at a dairy farm in British Columbia he felt like he could take on the world… including about 250 full grown buffalo. We’re not sure if he was intending to play with them, chase them or eat them and to be honest he probably isn’t too sure either but one thing is for sure: the fifteen minute slow drive through the herd was an experience none of us will forget.

Big buffalo, not really giving a shit about the 45lbs dog freaking out in the Jetta driving by.

Big buffalo, not really giving a shit about the 45lbs dog freaking out in the Jetta driving by.

Between the tourist traffic pulled over to the side of the road and big bull buffaloes standing IN the road, driving the mile through the herd was easier said than done. That allowed Hunter to turn the inside of the car into his own personal racetrack, going from the back passenger window to standing on my lap and banking off the cooler in the back seat to end up with half of his body shoved into the shelf under the back window.Fortunately though, instead of staying put there he kept making laps at a borderline frenetic pace[Possible Sarcasm]. Chaos ensued until we could get a grasp on his collar and it lasted for longer than either Lindsay, myself or any of our possessions in the car would’ve liked. He was forced to stand there with a firm grip on the neck making the most God-awful noises he could muster as we drove through the herd and for the next several miles after it. Seriously… if someone heard him they would’ve probably called animal control and reported us for cruelty based solely on the sounds he was making.

About 1/4 of the herd we drove through.

About 1/4 of the herd we drove through.

And this is a video of a Guy on a Buffalo. Not necessarily related but valid nonetheless.

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