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Hot Springs, NC: May 22nd (273.9mi) to Erwin, TN: May 28th (342.0mi)

We walked into Hot Springs the morning of the 22nd and had great weather and the perfect location for one of our most productive town days so far. After taking a full two hours to eat and digest breakfast on the front deck of a little diner, we commandeered the porch of a “Closed for the Season” hiker ministry right on Main Street; I suppose coming into town at the tail end of the season has its perks! Since the AT literally runs down the sidewalk of Main Street Hot Springs we had the perfect location for conducting a day of errands, eating and drinking while letting the dog(s) relax in the shade.

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Lindsay’s Update – Back On The Trail

Thank you to everyone who helped while I was down with my dislocated tailbone. From the well wishes to rides, to a place to crash for a few days. THANK YOU! My tailbone is still sitting in the wrong position, but the swelling is down and it feels better every day. I can almost sit normally, and I’ve been walking without needing ibuprofen for a couple days.
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I-40, NC: May 19th (240mi) to Hot Springs, NC: May 22nd (273.9mi)

We’re back on the trail heading north again and now that Lindsay is feeling better, that might be the only thing we are certain about! Not only do we have Lindsay’s recovery to take day by day but we also added another member of the team to the mix and Hunter has his first 35 trail miles under his belt (or harness). Now that we have the dog we decided to leave the last 40 miles of the Smokey Mountains until October and continue north from the edge of the Smokies as a team of three.

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Fontana Dam, NC: May 8th (165.8mi) to Clingman’s Dome, NC: May 11th (199.1mi)

We woke up early and practically ran down the last 2.5mi of hill into Fontana Dam for our nero day to binge eat a hiker meal for breakfast, rather than dinner like we had in the past. Breakfast is awesome, and the thought of an overstuffed omlette with a side of bacon is music to the ears of a hungry hiker. We hitched into town to learn that Fontana isn’t much of a hiker town, rather it caters to people with more money and smaller appetites, and we just couldn’t afford a $25 tiny breakfast burrito! So what did we do? Make our own on the front porch of the general store, of course!

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Down But Not Out…

On May 11th we woke up with 10 of our fellow thru-hiking companions and walked three miles in the dark to watch the sun rise at Clingman’s Dome – the highest point on the Appalachian Trail. It was beautiful; with dissipating clouds from the previous days’ rain storm the intense orange looked like that scene from The Lion King. After watching the sun rise, Lindsay and I left Clingman’s Dome and approximately 1/4 of a mile down the trail Lindsay slipped on a wet root and fell. When she fell, her tailbone landed perfectly on a pyramid shaped rock with all of her weight, including her pack. Ouch!

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