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Finding a Group of Like Minded Individuals

To the outside world there is no difference between one stinky thru hiker and the next. You have to be some shade of a little bit crazy to want to hike 2,000+ miles in six months, and most strangers and laymen lump us all together as one group with a collective set of motivation, morals, backgrounds and methods. Lindsay and I believed that this would be the case with our Appalachian Trail experience  and I even stated that one of my prime motivators for this trip was to be in nature with a group of like minded individuals. I thought that, besides the expected outliars, the people hiking the trail would be doing it for relatively the same reasons as us and we would spend the entire summer meeting interesting people and wanting to learn their stories while building a relationship with fellow strangers based on common interests. We thought that having a hiking partner for the day would be as easy as waking up and asking the stranger camped next to you where he intended to hike to today. Well… not so much.

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800 Miles = Nutrition Breakdown

In one of our first post about trail nutrition we made a comment about coming back and touching on this all important topic as the hike progresses. For the first 700 miles nothing came up worth wring about but in the last two weeks it seems like almost every hiker we meet up with is starting to question their diet of Pop-Tarts and ramen noodles! It makes sense, the body is running out of fat reserves and trying to bump up mileage in the not-so-flat terrain of Virginia is starting to take its toll. So with that in mind, this is some of what we have been seeing and hearing the last couple days.

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Daleville, VA: June 24th (724.0mi) to Waynesboro, VA: July 2nd (857.2mi)

Coming off The Ultimate Trail Magic that you just read about we expected our walk to Waynesboro, Virginia to be filled with thunderstorms every day, trails made from sharpened rocks and a deer every mile to make Hunter run off chasing them. I almost feel like it is bad luck to share this, but our walk from Daleville, VA turned out to be just the opposite and one of our favorite and most memorable sections. Between more unbelievable trail magic, a visit to a brewery for a friend’s birthday and happy toes from a shoe change, we had a blast walking the second half of our leg to Waynesboro.

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Pearisburg, VA: June 17th (630.3mi) to Daleville, VA: June 24th (724.0mi)

Looking back, our 100 mile stretch from Pearisburg, Virginia to Daleville, Virginia seemed to be memorable for two reasons: the incredible views and natural wonders we witnessed, and the damage done to our bodies to experience Mother Nature’s beauty. Normally we don’t write about a six day section, but the sights along the way were definitely worthy of a short write-up and a few pictures!

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Hunter’s First 500 Miles

Our pup, Hunter, joined us after Lindsay healed up from her tailbone dislocation to finish off our 2014 Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike team; making us Hunter and The Fat Kids. Hunter is not your average pound dog and therefore not your average trail dog either. What they didn’t tell us when we adopted him from the pound 3+ years ago is that he is 1/3 Chow Chow, 1/3 Alaskan Husky and 1/3 Mountain Goat. He is the perfect companion for a long distance hike; athletic, agile, powerful, durable and possesses a level of endurance that Lindsay and I can’t come close to touching!

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