Made it to New England!

Hey everyone, so we’ve actually made it into New England, even though we are bad bloggers and haven’t updated since the Mason-Dixon line. We’re trying to get caught up and we’re sorry that we haven’t been good at doing better updates. It’s crazy how busy you are on the trail and on a zero day we are so busy getting ready to keep hiking that it doesn’t seem like we have time to go sit in the library and relax.

HOPEFULLY in the next week or two we can post the Pre-Pennsylvania Rocks section, the Halfway Hangover, the Post-Pennsylvania Rocks section, the Slackpack Experiment Section plus a bunch of other short interest pieces.

CT/NY Border, we made it to New England!

CT/NY Border, we made it to New England!

At least we’re better at moving north than we are blogging!!

One thought on “Made it to New England!

  1. Hey Clay and Lindsay — hope all is going well. I was in Vermont this week and wondering if I might run into you guys in Manchester or Stratton to offer some trail magic. Sounds like you’re not there yet — Vermont was one of my favorite sections. Enjoy and hope to hear more from you! Melissa — aka Chaos AT93

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