Alaskan Bush Camping

“When you’re up to Alaska, let me know, and we’ll go camping,” my old Army buddy, Junior, wrote to me over Facebook Messenger. “Sure man, that would be awesome. Our truck can go pretty much anywhere a 4x4 jeep can go so we’ll follow you!” I replied “Oh, no, I’m talking about real camping. We’re … Continue reading Alaskan Bush Camping

The experiment is over, right?

As we left Alaska two months ago we had one overwhelming thought... is this really happening? The excitement and adventure that comes with a year of traveling had an undeniable pull on us, but our bond with Alaska could not be ignored. We were blissfully ignorant during the drive through the northern areas of Alaska … Continue reading The experiment is over, right?

Road Trip Leg 1 – Chugiak, AK to Calgary, AB

On August 2nd, 2013 the Jetta, freighted down to the maximum recommended amount, started turning it's wheels north from Chugiak to the Alaskan/Canadian border. We had 6 full days to cover the 2,500mi trek to Calgary so that Lindsay could meet up with her oldest sister Breanna and carpool to their middle sister Chelsea's bachelorette/stagette … Continue reading Road Trip Leg 1 – Chugiak, AK to Calgary, AB