WWOOFing and Working

We we arrived in New Zealand we didn’t really have a plan with what we were going to do. WWOOFing stands for “Willing Worker on Organic Farm” but really applies to any type of Organic industry and we ended up spending the first two months WWOOFing. The basic arrangement is that the worker provides about 25hrs/week of manual labor and the host provides food, a place to stay and often a cultural experience of living with the locals.

Got the Plot Farm

We knew the first four weeks were going to be spent at an organic farm doing this “WWOOFing” thing. We went to a farm on the Coromandel Peninsula where we ended up learning more than we ever thought about organic, sustainable farming and off the grid living!

Mike’s Organic Brewery

After a very stressful three weeks at the farm we found a brewery that let WWOOFers come and work for them. The only kicker; you had to work 6hrs/day but they gave you beer at the end of the day. We only stayed two weeks because that is really all our livers could handle… it was like being back in university again, except you were getting drunk every night on really expensive craft microbrew beer and still getting up at 8am the next day to work. So I guess it wasn’t really at all like being in University again…

The Watermill Bakery and Pizzeria

After we pickled our livers we decided to really rough it and head to a bakery/pizzeria. Honestly, this is one of my fondest memories of New Zealand. The people were absolutely incredible and when I say that I want to grow up and be just like Boly I’m not lying. These two weeks is the reason we went to NZ… plus they made pretty good pizza!

Punga Cove Resort

After two months of WWOOFing we decided that it may be time to make some money. Christmas/New Years is the most expensive time to be a tourist in New Zealand so we decided to look for basic work in the vineyard industry. Good Karma struck again and we ended up staying eight weeks at an upscale resort in the Queen Charlotte Sound. We didn’t expect a job or coworkers like we ended up having and it turned out to be one of the most memorable couple months of our lives!

3 thoughts on “WWOOFing and Working

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  2. Thank you for doing such a great job with your blog. Love reading about your travels and seeing your pictures. Cannot wait for the AT documentary!

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