The Haul Road 2013

The following is a collection of photos from our July 4th – 8th drive from Chugiak, AK to Deadhorse AK and back. The total trip consisted of about 1600 miles with Lindsay, Clay, Hunter and Lindsay’s Parents Graham and Cathy all stuck together in our awesome 1994 Toyota 4-Runner.

We camped along the way at pullouts and a campground in Fairbanks the last night before we went back into public at Denali National Park.  The two biggest take aways from the experience were the terrible ridiculous, incomprehensible  mosquitoes and the night we spent north of the arctic circle as we drank a beer in the tent and watched the sun dip low on the horizon but never set.

No reason to do the drive besides the simple fact that it had to be done before we left Alaska. Partially because of nostalgia, my dad drove the haul road day-in and day-out 38 years ago during the construction of the Alyeska Pipeline. The haul road and his Alaskan experience left a lasting impression and a special place in his heart for Alaska. I couldn’t rightfully leave the land of the midnight sun without truly seeing, the midnight sun like he did.

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