South Island Adventuring

After Breanna’s wedding we came back to New Zealand for a four week adventure with no obligations except to see everything we had left on our list and hang out with each other. We spent those four weeks living out of Mushu and loving life, driving about 100km each day and seeing whatever seemed interesting.

Hiking and Such

Luckily we had the opportunity to do some incredible, bucket list style hiking while we were in the South Island. The highlights include Gertrude Saddle at dawn in the Fiordlands, Mt Cook area, Fox Glacier and many many others during our 4 week tourist experience.

Random Sights from Getting (mostly) “Off the Beaten Path”

This is a collection of some of the stuff we did that was a bit unique and not necessarily in all of the tour books. Of course some of it was touristy, but for the most part we tried to go see the parts of NZ that wasn’t all over Lonely Planet.

Animals of the South Island

We were lucky and able to see some awesome wildlife. We were able to see Sea Lions, Fur Seals, Yellow Eyed Penguins and the rare Merino Sheep all without going to a zoo or guided tour. Oh and don’t forget about the Orcas and Dolphins from Punga Cove!

The “Downtown” Experience

This is a collection of shots from our time in “town”. Whether it was the biggest city on the South Island (Christchurch) or just a little town that had the Gypsy Fair, these are the civilization moments.

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