North Island Adventuring

Between WWOOFing gigs, we tried to hitch hike and take in as much as we could of the North Island. After we bought a car, our options opened up considerably and we could go see a lot more! Even though the “nature” of NZ wasn’t quite what we expected, it still had incredible moments and we tried to experience as many of both the unknown and hidden treasures of the North Island.

The Coromandel & Raglan

Prior to having Mushu, we mostly hitched around to go do cool things. This is a gallery of our first month or so, showing some of the cool stuff we did on the Coromandel Peninsula and going surfing in Raglan.

Whanganui River Canoe Trip

What do you get when you put an American, a Canadian and a Frenchman in a canoe (Besides the start of a really bad joke)? An incredible five day trip floating down a beautiful river with memories that will last a lifetime, and a green submarine.

The North Island Finale

We had a week to see everything on the North Island that we hadn’t seen yet and a rental car to do it.  Sleep is for the weak, there was plenty of time to do that on the flight back to Canada. You only go to NZ once and it was time to try to take it all in!

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