Appalachian Trail Part I – GA thru VA

AT – Start to Smokies

I’ll fill this in when I’m not falling asleep. These are all pictures from Springer Mountain, GA to The Great Smokey Mountain National Park, North Carolina

Smokey Mountains to Virginia Border

Here our the pictures from the Smokey Mountain National Park to the Virginia Border in Damascus, VA.

Virginia Border to Shenandoah National Park (Southern Boundary)

Latest update of photos bringing us through the Virginia Highlands and up to the start of the Shenandoah National Park.

3 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail Part I – GA thru VA

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  2. Thanks for the updates and the pics kids! Glad to see that Lindsay is up and about. Watch your ass never sounded sound so literal. I love keeping up with your adventure! Beth doesn’t though. She’s jealous and self absorbed. I love you though!
    Love, Scott

    • That’s possibly my favorite comment we have so far. I would say screw Beth but then you would have to design the book cover and I would like someone to want to pick it up off the shelf and read it…

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