Back on the road after Punga Cove

With our work experience officially over, we went back to the world of backpackers! If you're trying to follow our travel plans, they went something like this; Feb 1st - Leave Punga Cove, travel North Island Feb 8th - Fly from Auckland to Calgary for Breanna's (Lindsay's sister) wedding Feb 21st - Leave Canada and … Continue reading Back on the road after Punga Cove


Crazy Punga

Crazy Punga, the employee's nickname for Punga Cove Resort and rightfully so. I had never worked a day in the hospitality industry so stepping into two months of it at the peak season in one of the busiest tourisism areas of New Zealand became, for lack of a better term, an eye opener. When you … Continue reading Crazy Punga

Punga Cove – How we spent 8 weeks

One of the best stories of our time working at Punga Cove Resort starts before we even began our employment there. We knew that the Christmas and New Year timeframe would be the busiest and most expensive to be a tourist, and so we figured that if we could get a job then it would … Continue reading Punga Cove – How we spent 8 weeks