The Odyssey of the Green Submarine

What do you get when you put an American, a Canadian and a Frenchman in a canoe (Besides the start of a really bad joke)? An incredible trip floating down a beautiful river with memories that will last a lifetime, and a green submarine. After our bodies hit their binge-drinking breaking point at the brewery, … Continue reading The Odyssey of the Green Submarine

Surf Bums and Ski Bums – one in the same

Between leaving the farm and our start date at Mike's Brewery (more to come on that later), we took a few days to be tourists since we really needed some rest and recuperation after our very stressful 4hrs/day at the farm! We hitched, quite successfully really, to the resort/destination town of Raglan which is situated … Continue reading Surf Bums and Ski Bums – one in the same

The First Month In (more) Pictures

In an attempt to properly document our travels we have been taking pictures with both our iPad and also our little handheld waterproof digital camera. That way we can take pictures on our nature excursions without brining an iPad and avoid looking like crazy (...okay crazier) tourists taking pictures with a tablet! As tablet enthusiasts … Continue reading The First Month In (more) Pictures