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Neels Gap (31.7mi) to Dick’s Creek Gap (69.6mi)

Here’s another quick update about the last couple days. We like to add more pictures when we have the internet access to give you guys a better idea of what we are doing. This 40 mile stretch took us another 3 days over easier terrain and culminated with a “Zero Day” in Hiawassee.

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Amicalola Falls to Neels Gap – The First Few Days

It’s hard to believe it but After years if talk and months of preparation, Clayt and I finally made it onto the trail. We were dropped off to start hiking the pre-trail at Amacalola and made it to the first shelter – just before the summit of Springer Mountain and the official start of the AT – in our “first day”.

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Number 1248 and Number 1249 – The Journey Begins

Lindsay and I signed into the Appalachian Trail log book at Amicalola Falls State Park as 2014 AT Thru-hikers numbers 1248 and 1249. There are many more hikers that don’t go to the traditional starting point and don’t sign in, so the actual number of people to start this year ahead of us is more likely 2,000. Nonetheless, we signed the symbolic book and the not-so-symbolic process of walking hundreds of thousands of steps towards Maine began.
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We’re off, 31.7 miles in!

We’re here at Neel’s Gap, Georgia after a painful descent off of Blood Mountain. We have two blog posts ready to go but they don’t have wi-fi here, just a guest computer. When we go to town for a break in a few days we’ll be updating the blog with more pictures and some actual writing.

So far so good, Lindsay has a few blisters and we both are tired. No rain yet and the forcast looks good for the next couple days so on we go!

Clay and Lindsay, getting ready to start the Springer Approach!
Clay and Lindsay, getting ready to start the Springer Approach!
Monument at the start of the "On-Ramp"
Monument at the start of the “On-Ramp”

Appalachian Trail Mileage Log

This is our quick, down and dirty “this is where we are at” post. We’ll update it with date, location and mileage as often as we can for those wanting to follow along! You won’t get notifications though so check back often.

September 12th – Andover, ME (South Arm Road); 1938.5 Miles from Springer

September 5th – Gorham, NH (Pinkham Notch); 1865.9 Miles from Springer

August 28th – Hanover, NH; 1743.8 Miles from Springer

August 25th – Rutland, VT; 1697.0 Miles from Springer

August 2nd – Greenwood Lakes, NY; 1367.9 Miles from Springer

July 15th – Waynesboro, PA; 1062.0 Miles from Springer

July 10th – Harper’s Ferry, WV; 1019.3 Miles from Springer

July 2nd – Waynesboro, VA; 857.3 Miles from Springer

June 24th – Daleville, VA; 724.0 Miles from Springer

June 17th – Pearisburg, Virginia; 631.3 Miles from Springer, 1554.0 Miles from Katahdin

June 7th – Damascus, Virginia; 467.4 Miles from Springer, 1717.9 Miles from Katahdin

June 2nd – Black Bear Resort, Hampton, Tennessee; 417.0 Miles from Springer

May 27th – Erwin, Tennessee; 342.1 Miles from Springer

May 22nd – Hot Springs, North Carolina; 273.9 Miles from Springer

May 11th – Clingman’s Dome, North Carolina; 199.1 Miles from Springer

May 8th – Fontana Dam, North Carolina; 164.1 Miles from Springer

May 5th – “The  NOC”, Natahala Outdoor Center, North Carolina; 137.1 Miles from Springer

April 29th – Hiawassee, Georgia; 69.6 Miles from Springer

April 26th – Neel’s Gap Georgia; 31.7 Miles from Springer

April 23rd – Amicalola Falls State Park; -8.8 Miles from Springer

April 22rd – Atlanta, Georgia; 0 Miles from Springer, 2185 from Katahdin