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Why you don’t listen to the weatherman

On the morning we left Andover for our final two week push to Katahdin we did what any responsible hiker would do: check the weather report. We made sure we had the proper gear for the forecasted temperatures, which were daytime highs in the 60s and lows in the mid 40s. Since we knew we would be sleeping in the mountains we figured on nighttime temperatures to be more realistically at about 40. Perfect! Low chance of rain, and decent temps allowed us to trim our clothing weight by a few pounds and travel a little lighter for the first week of our final two. We have good gear and generally err on the side of caution so we took off figuring we would be a-okay. I don’t know why I actually trusted the weather man.
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800 Miles = Nutrition Breakdown

In one of our first post about trail nutrition we made a comment about coming back and touching on this all important topic as the hike progresses. For the first 700 miles nothing came up worth wring about but in the last two weeks it seems like almost every hiker we meet up with is starting to question their diet of Pop-Tarts and ramen noodles! It makes sense, the body is running out of fat reserves and trying to bump up mileage in the not-so-flat terrain of Virginia is starting to take its toll. So with that in mind, this is some of what we have been seeing and hearing the last couple days.

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Ramen Embargo and Trail Nutrition

So out of the 2,000ish hikers taking off on the A.T. this year there are probably 200+ blogs that tell their story. Most of them are a daily log of which road they crossed, daily mileage and when they had been rained on. We are trying  to do something with a bit more content to give our readers a broader perspective on what we are doing out here in the woods. Now that we have our first couple weeks under our belt we are starting to see some of the ways our approach is different from our hiking peers, and one of the biggest differences is that of nutrition.
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Appalachian Trail Prep V: The Clothing We Will Live In

Yesterday I went over all of the gear we are starting the AT with and decided to break it up into two posts, mostly because of how long the post became with pictures. I only have a ten minute attention span with reading a blog post and I figured there are more like me! Lindsay and I have spent more time discussing clothing and weighing the options than we have any other singular task in our AT Planning. At 1230am the night before we left we had to bit the bullet and finally put clothes into bags!

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Appalachian Trail Prep Part IV: The Gear (sans Clothes)

Over the last couple posts we covered the logistics, training and food planning that we have put into the start of our Appalachian Trail adventure. Prior to leaving Maine we spent all night and drained two pots of coffee laying out gear, re-hashing our packing list, weighing each piece and of course taking pictures of it all for the blog! Oh and don’t get your hopes up too much based on the title of the post, the clothing post is coming up next, we aren’t hiking the AT naked. (Although I do look damn good in Ranger Panties)

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