Appalachian Trail Prep II: Daily Mileage and Fitness

In the last post we covered the basic logistic scheme for our 160 day, 2,185 mile hike from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Mt Katahdin, Maine; Better known as the Appalachian Trail or AT. The next part of the planning process dealt with figuring out how many miles we had to walk each day and making sure it was a realistic number and of course continuing to train and stay as fit as possible so that we don’t get our asses kicked in the first three weeks!

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Appalachian Trail Prep I: Logistics

The Appalachian Trail, or AT, is known as the granddaddy of long distance hiking. With approximately 2,185 miles separating Springer Mountain, Georgia with Mt Katahdin, Maine it is not something to be undertaken lightly. As the time to put our money where our mouth is and start walking  draws near, Lindsay and I have been asked a multitude of questions relating to our preparations. The next four AT posts will hopefully answer some of those!

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The “Fabled” Tongariro Crossing & Mt Doom

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is the single most popular “day hike” in New Zealand, and for good reason. It is in an easily accessible location, the terrain is not intimidating and the well-worn path can be navigated by a novice hiker. Tongariro National Park is the 4th oldest National Park in the world and the most popular in New Zealand with up to 1,000 people hiking the 20km track each summer day. Continue reading The “Fabled” Tongariro Crossing & Mt Doom

North Island Finale

Alright good people of the blog-o-sphere. We have been bad bloggers and we know it. I will fully admit I have the attention span of a concussed goldfish, and between that and the new “to-do list” of prepping for the Appalachian Trail we let the blog fall by the wayside. I’m going to make an effort over the next week to publish some of the highlights of our last two months in NZ but also not get bogged down in the weeds with every little story. For those of you interested in what we ended up doing with our time and needing some closure on the Mushu saga stay tuned for the next couple weeks. (This will also help people that are doing research on what to do in New Zealand!) We’re also going to be adding posts on our AT prep, but we need to finish prepping to actually write about it.

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