Appalachian Trail Mileage Log

This is our quick, down and dirty “this is where we are at” post. We’ll update it with date, location and mileage as often as we can for those wanting to follow along! You won’t get notifications though so check back often.

September 12th – Andover, ME (South Arm Road); 1938.5 Miles from Springer

September 5th – Gorham, NH (Pinkham Notch); 1865.9 Miles from Springer

August 28th – Hanover, NH; 1743.8 Miles from Springer

August 25th – Rutland, VT; 1697.0 Miles from Springer

August 2nd – Greenwood Lakes, NY; 1367.9 Miles from Springer

July 15th – Waynesboro, PA; 1062.0 Miles from Springer

July 10th – Harper’s Ferry, WV; 1019.3 Miles from Springer

July 2nd – Waynesboro, VA; 857.3 Miles from Springer

June 24th – Daleville, VA; 724.0 Miles from Springer

June 17th – Pearisburg, Virginia; 631.3 Miles from Springer, 1554.0 Miles from Katahdin

June 7th – Damascus, Virginia; 467.4 Miles from Springer, 1717.9 Miles from Katahdin

June 2nd – Black Bear Resort, Hampton, Tennessee; 417.0 Miles from Springer

May 27th – Erwin, Tennessee; 342.1 Miles from Springer

May 22nd – Hot Springs, North Carolina; 273.9 Miles from Springer

May 11th – Clingman’s Dome, North Carolina; 199.1 Miles from Springer

May 8th – Fontana Dam, North Carolina; 164.1 Miles from Springer

May 5th – “The  NOC”, Natahala Outdoor Center, North Carolina; 137.1 Miles from Springer

April 29th – Hiawassee, Georgia; 69.6 Miles from Springer

April 26th – Neel’s Gap Georgia; 31.7 Miles from Springer

April 23rd – Amicalola Falls State Park; -8.8 Miles from Springer

April 22rd – Atlanta, Georgia; 0 Miles from Springer, 2185 from Katahdin

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